KALA CHNG​ is a half-Chinese British Pop music artist from Knowle West, Bristol, UK. As songwriter, singer and producer she creates an original blend of Pop music with Chinese sounds (influenced by Bristol bass, grime and dubstep beats, classical Chinese instruments, catchy pop lines, and R&B). 

“​She combines both traditional and electronic sounds to create some quite distinctive pop...​Makala always makes sure her unique attitude shines through.​” Loki Lillistone, Editor, Bristol Live Magazine 

Since 2013 she’s released 4 EPs and 3 albums (some under the name Makala Cheung); debut River (Bristol Live Magazine's album of the month, Chinese New Year 2014), and follow ups Moon (review below) and Empress launched at her own ‘far east meets west’ Mini Moon Festival (2015+17) and Knowle West Girl launched at Knowle West Fest 2018. Her singles have featured on stations across the globe, and her radio play to date includes BBC 1Xtra and ​BBC Introducing in the West.

As well as performing solo, KALA CHNG performs with a 4-piece electronic band, including synths, samples and drums. ​KALA CHNG has performed many headline and main stage slots (some under previous name Makala Cheung) including headlining the main stage at world famous Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, plus main slots at Upfest, Shambala, Dot to Dot, Redfest, Vegfest, Brisfest, St Paul’s Carnival, Bristol Harbourside Festival and London Trafalgar Square for Chinese New Year​. 

“​A breath of fresh air... entertaining, very professional​ ​and ...captivated a large audience, to many of whom this would have been an unusual and very different experience.​ ”​ Ric Davison, Keynsham Festival Organiser 

CHNG’s solo artist endeavour began in 2012, following a few years in a duo and featuring on local Hip-Hop and Grime tracks, before going on to learn to play keys and produce. KALA’s influences include; M.I.A, Aaliyah, The Spice Girls, Destiny’s Child, Banks, FKA Twigs, Lauryn Hill, Dizzee Rascal and Katy B. Referred to as reminiscent of Kate Bush, Madonna and ‘like a Chinese Lady Gaga’, she’s also a Bristol Woman cover girl, one of Bristol’s Happiness Champions and a Culture Ambassador (West of England China Bureau).

One of our favourite maidens of the music scene” - Sam Bonham

— BBC Introducing In the West

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KALA CHNGS Downtempo Asian Pop ( Breathe Again ) captures the wider expression of humanity with a message for people to come together.

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Kala Chng’s vocals are an atmospheric layer over the melody that gently tumbles down the music like a light breeze. Through her performance, she draws you into a collective feeling and experience” - Claudia Mendes

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